Help Me Read Program

Help Me Read

Help Me Read Program – A One on One Approach to Helping Children Read

Serving Children From Kindergarten through Grade 6

How Does This Program Work?

Help Me Read has acquired research based materials and techniques which have shown promise when used individually. However, we’ve put the two together that have proven to be exceptionally effective. Additionally, we pair up committed and responsible adults to spend time with a child at least once a week reading books and engaging in educational and personal enrichment activites inside a safe and supervised area like the library or occupied classroom during the school day. By having the same two people working together each week, trusting, learning, and supportive relationships are formed that help make the program most effective.

What This Program Can Do For Students, Teachers, Parents, and Administrators

Through Celebration of Life Community, Inc., the Help Me Read program staff give students the one-on-one attention they need to maximize in the academic process. We also come alongside parents, teachers, administrators and the community to help our children get the best that can be offered or given in the early academic and formative years of their lives. It is during these early years that the foundation is created whereon the continual building will be placed. If this is not solid and sure, the child will forever struggle unnecessarily in their pre-college years, which may never turn to be post-high school years. This is a program that gives parents the needed support they desire for their child/children to excel. It affords teachers a collaborative partner in their quest to help these students advance to their highest levels and it offers administrators the additional resources every principal and school wishes they had more of. Further, it helps to release into the greater community students which are academically and socially stronger, which leads to higher performing schools from K-12. This will increase our graduation pool in the Rochester City School District.

Who and How Has the Help Me Read Program Impacted?

Through Help Me Read, students that are on, below, or at grade level, and even students with specific developmental hardships have been able to make significant improvement through this focused approach. As a result of our sound and timely approach, students have not only improved academically, but also socially and emotionally. Our students have developed an increased personal image, leadership skills, and so much more.

How Can You Be Involved?

We’re actively looking for responsible and committed adult volunteers that will make this a standing appointment. This appointment will last at least one, but ideally, two hours per week in the morning or early afternoon, reading one-on-one with elementary school children. You can be a part of such a rich and life-changing team of difference makers by contacting the Help Me Read office or one of our volunteers. You’ll fill out an application, meeting basic requirements, and going through our specific and purposeful orientation.

What Are Teachers Saying?

“The program has really helped Ronnie, Tyrese, and Alexandria become more confident readers. Tyrese has moved up several reading levels. His reading comprehension has improved drastically. Ronnie has become a more confident reader and uses many more strategies than he did previously. Alexandria’s attendance was often an issue on Mondays, but she was still able to make some good progress though the Help me Read program. She also moved up several reading levels, and is now on-par with the reading grade-level.” – Kristen Giullano

“The three students we had participating in the program truly enjoyed and anticipated their time with their reader. It made a difference in their self-esteems, both academically and socially. Thanks for all that you did for our three students.” – Denise Nairy