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What is T.I.P.S? TIPS is another real way that we come alongside parents and guardians to help them be more successful in helping their child or children succeed in school. This is the second side of the needed, growing and highly successful Help Me Read Program.    

TIPS Brochure download here.


Partners !

Ark of Jesus Ministries

Help Me Read Program

City of Rochester School District

City of Rochester Fire Department

Monroe County Sheriff's

Excellus Health Care

Ernico Fermi School 17

University of Rochester

United Health Care

Passero and Associates

MVP Health

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Volunteers !

Help Me Read is a program sponsored by Celebration of Life Community, Inc. If you're looking for something that is safe, a good investment of your time and energy, a way of helping present and future generations, a very small time commitment, and will increase the graduation rate in the City of Rochester School District, then join the exciting and highly effective Help Me Read team!

Help Me Read !

Help Me Read Program - A One on One Approach to Helping Children Read Serving Children From Kindergarten through Grade 6


testimonials Ms. Denise Nairy I had two students and both started out well below grade level at the beginning of the school year. 1. One of my students have finished completely on grade level and she couldn’t wait to go and read 2. The other loved it and looked forward to and enjoyed it 3. This is a very, very valuable program
  Mrs. Terri Pelegrino 1st Grade 1. I’ve seen growth in motivation for reading 2. They enjoyed the one on one time they had with their tutor 3. Improvement in reading fluency 4. Bigger love of reading, an enjoyment for reading 5. I’ve seen growth in their comprehension scores
  Mrs. Staub 3rd Grade We are able with the Help Me Read one on one tutoring program to help improve our students reading scores, word recognition, and fluency. Without the Help Me Read Program we wouldn’t be able to do this. Thanks to this program we now have students reading at bench mark and very excited about finding a book that they love. With the one to one volunteers we were able to give the attention needed for our students to have success. Mrs. Maurie Leigh 1. I really do love it (Help Me Read Program) 2. It helps the students out tremendously 3. It really does help the students in so many ways 4. I think this program really help the students with more than reading 5. Some of my students reading went for 4-12 & 12-30 I know that my students really do love going with their Help Me Read tutors 6. I was very impressed with so many of my students. Their self-esteem, they love going with the tutors 7. Some of the students have self-esteem issues and sometime they have a hard time reading in front of people, but after participating in the Help Me Read program they are more confident readers now.
  Mr. Ron Boyd Librarian 1. Fortunate to have Help Me Program Tutors 2. Seen improvement in the students reading abilities 3. The HMR tutors work one on one 4. Point out pronunciation 5. They make sure students read to the end of sentences so that the students are getting comprehension and not just reading words 6. They are getting needed help that we could not provide otherwise 7. It’s really a pleasure to see students at the beginning of the year who are struggling and by the end of the school year they’re reading fluently and sharing stories with the tutors. 8. It brings reading and sharing of great literature one on one that many of these students may not have the opportunity whether in the school day or at home 9. So It helps them not only develop their literacy but it also helps bonding and with social skills 10. The Help Me Read Program has been a fantastic resource here at school 17.
  Former Principal, Ms. Patricia Jones 1. Help Me Read is wonderful for our student. 2. We’ve had many students grow academically as far as their love of reading 3. The students are read to and students read to the. 4. One of my little ones went from a 3-18 just this year. 5. Enrico Fermi School 17 couldn’t do without you Help Me Read. Ms. Kolstat 1. Jayda Butler and Elexuzz Davis, gained confidence in their reading 2. I have noticed increased reading levels with Jayda and Elexuzz. 3. My tutor Nancy took the time to get to know the students which helped the students gain confidence in themselves and reading. 4. I would like to see more students involved in the Help Me Read Program.

Community Breakfast

20141122_114817You are invited to our monthly Celebration of Life Community Breakfast Meetings the 2nd Tuesday of every month. They are for the express purpose of linking.